Order Book is a system being introduced for order entry and commission tracking, specifically designed for the manufacture rep business.  

With many outside and inside sales people splitting commissions on jobs, as well as tracking the engineering and contractors piece of those splits, we believe that we can handle most anything.  The list below shows many of it's features and capabilities.

  • Buy/Sell and Direct ship tracking 
  • User defined commission codes with multiple commission types per salesperson on each order
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Order entry and Invoicing 
  • Online access to submittals
  • Order access to submittals
  • Order Adjustment and Back Charge tracking and reporting
  • Easy Quote Number assignments with standardized quote creation
  • Easy Order Number assignments with Order Entry Worksheet creation
  • Order Change Tracking
  • Billing interface to Dynamics
  • Shares information with Dynamics
    (Customers and Inventory)
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Volume and Commission by Salesperson and Manufacture
  • Regional/Territory Reporting
  • Weekly New/Change activity by salesperson
  • Many other reports


  • Microsoft Windows
  • SQL database
  • Standard/Modifiable reports (Crystal)
  • Web accessible reporting
  • Training material (Online video based)
  • Security